About Us: For over eighty years Satin American has been geared towards anticipating and meeting the needs of its customers. We pride ourselves on our fast and effective service, as well as our commitment to professionalism. We are a versatile company, capable of not only providing obsolete components and spare parts but also offering a means to upgrade existing gear to incorporate the latest in technology. This has allowed countless customers to maintain their circuit breakers and switchgear for decades after the OEM had stopped supporting them.

Located on a 3+acre or 55,000 square foot facility in Shelton, Connecticut, Satin stocks all breaker models produced by every American manufacturer since World War II, and has a vast inventory of over 70,000 circuit breakers of all types. In this facility our employees maintain a fully outfitted machine shop which can fabricate anything from small breaker components to complete switchgear lineups.

Satin American provides complete support for all low and medium voltage systems.
Products and services include but are not limited to the following:

• New and used replacement breakers
• Breaker and switchgear spare parts
• Satin etc-12 breaker retrofit kits
• Retrofitting and remanufacturing circuit breakers
• Fabrication of bus details
• Manufacture of switchgear line-ups
• Motor control center buckets
• Remote racking systems
• Engineering, short circuit coordination and arc-flash studies
• Safety training

Because we here at Satin understand how critical our customers applications are and what it means to experience an unscheduled outage, we provide top-notch technical support and 24/7 emergency service. We also routinely respond to blow-ups and other emergencies and can deliver replacement substations in a manner of days.